Mt. Laurel Sun: Mt. Laurel Council Designates Redeveloper for Route 38, Ark Road and Fostertown Road Redevelopment Area at Latest Meeting


November 20, 2019 —

Willingboro-based real estate firm Delco Development presented their tentative plans for a mix of residential and commercial units on the property.

The Mt. Laurel Township Council held a regular meeting on the evening of Monday, Nov. 18, where a resolution was passed designating Delco Development LLC as a redeveloper for a portion of the redevelopment zone known as the Route 38, Ark Road and Fostertown Road Redevelopment Area.

During the meeting, representatives from the Willingboro-based real estate firm, including President Tom Juliano and attorney Richard Hoff, presented the firm’s tentative plans to develop a portion of the redevelopment area with residential and commercial units, including 120 age-restricted rental units.

The portion of the redevelopment area discussed at the meeting lays along Route 38 and consists of approximately 67 acres of land.

According to Hoff, the redevelopment area was first designated as such in 2018. The first iteration of the redevelopment plan called for a mix of commercial and residential units and has since been amended to include age-restricted affordable housing units.

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Haddon Point Apartments Wins NJAA Award for Best Property Website

DelcoDevelopment’s Director of Residential Development and Director of Communications accepting the NJAA Garden State Award for Haddon Point Apartments by Delco Development.

November 7, 2019 — Burlington County Development and Property Management Company, Delco Development, received the award for Best Property Website at the 2019 New Jersey Apartment Association’s Garden State Awards last night at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Brunswick, NJ.

The formal award ceremony is a celebratory evening for NJAA members to honor the hard work of their multi-family teams. The event hosted over 700 attendees to honor the achievements of these outstanding multi-family properties and individuals in New Jersey. 

Delco Development’s Haddon Point Apartments accepted the award for Best Property Website for the design and functionality of

With the assistance of Networks Plus, a local web developer located in Cinnaminson, the appearance and functionality of was designed by Delco Development’s Director of Communications, Teresa Sydorko. The website showcases the community’s floor plans and iconic photography by Emaunuel Mozes

“Overall, we want people to schedule tours of the property,” Sydorko said. “Adding call-to-action buttons everywhere on the desktop and mobile versions of the site was imperative, as well as, good quality photos and video.”

The site has consistently been exceeding industry-standard statistics with a 155s average page view time and a current bounce rate of 20. 

Haddon Point Apartments, which opened in November of 2018, is the development company’s first venture into the multi-family market. The feedback has been greatly positive from the complex’s 218 current residents who enjoy the luxury community features like; a clubhouse and community lounge, modern fitness center and resort-style pool.

Elevator buildings will be added in Phase Two of the development for a total of 235 units on the site. Delco Development anticipates the first move-ins for Phase Two to take place next Spring [2020]. Applications will be accepted for the new buildings beginning February 1, 2020, at

Haddon Point Apartments, Managed by Delco Development

Discover the new Haddon Point apartments in Pennsauken, New Jersey. Luxury apartments with exceptional amenities. One and two-bedroom floor plans offer expansive living spaces with open-concept kitchens, custom cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and walk-in closets. Residents will enjoy exclusive access to the spacious clubhouse featuring a community room and game lounge, state-of-the-art fitness center, yoga room, resort-style pool, and grilling area. Haddon Point also offers free community-wide wifi. Residents have the ability to upgrade to premium wireless internet with access to a smart home app to control the smart appliances featured in all apartments. Be the first to make Haddon Point home, navigate to

Delco Development – Reimagine and Enrich Community. 

Founded over 40 years ago, Delco Development is a family-owned and operated real estate development and property management company with over 1 million square feet of retail space under its operation throughout New Jersey. Economic development and job growth are at the forefront of every Delco Development project. Delco Development’s team, led by CEO, Tom Juliano of Medford, NJ, identifies high-potential properties and works with local Townships to develop sites to their full economic potential. For more information about Delco Development’s properties and availability, please visit


Delco Development’s Director of Communications Recognized with Young Professionals Leadership Award

Delco Development Director of Communications, Teresa Sydorko, Accepts the BCRCC Young Professionals Leadership Award.


MOUNT LAUREL, NJ / October 31, 2019 — Teresa Sydorko, Director of Communications for Delco Development, was awarded the Young Professionals Leadership Award along with nine other recipients at the Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Conference held on October 18th at the DoubleTree Hotel in Mount Laurel.   




Northeast Meetings & Events Magazine: Q&A with Joseph Pergine – New General Manager of Aloft and Super 8 Hotels in Mount Laurel


August 2, 2019 —

Joseph Pergine was recently named General Manager of [the] Aloft and Super 8 Hotel[s] in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

1. What are you looking forward to the most in your new role?

I’m looking forward to being back at the Aloft and Super 8 Hotels. I plan on making positive changes in the workplace for our valued team members who exceed our guests’ expectations with every experience. Empowering our team members to really enhance the guest experience at our properties is my top priority.

2. How do you think past experiences have prepared you for this role?

This is round two for me! My previous experience as the general manager at this location a couple of years ago has prepared me to take the reigns here again. I’m excited to be back on the hotel scene.

3. How did you get into the industry? 

My first job was at a supermarket, so I’ve always been interested in food and customer service.

I attended Widener University for Hospitality Management but was always in the kitchen and cooking. Eventually, I worked my way up to culinary and was an executive chef in a Four Points hotel before moving over to the hotel operations side of the business.

4. What are you hoping to achieve in your new role?

I’m looking to bring success to the hotel through increased overall revenue and enhanced guest experiences. More importantly, I want our team members to enjoy coming to work each day.

5. What do you enjoy most about the industry?

I enjoy the people and the fact that every day is a different gem.


Autumn Chills and Winter Bills

Mike, Regional Chief Engineer

Knock, knock….I wonder who that could be!  Its Winter and she’s knocking at our door, do you know what that means?  It’s time to get your house or place of business ready for the cold.  Here are a few things that you can do to help save on your heating bill this winter:

1.) Have a professional look over your heater to make sure its running at 100%.  If you have a gas fired heated, make sure the technician checks your vent pipe or chimney for cracks and leaks to help keep carbon monoxide from entering your home.
2.) Replace your air filters every 45-60 days to help keep fresh clean air passing through your home.
3.) Check doors and windows for tight seals, the smallest draft can cause your heater to run more.  Make sure all windows are in the locked position to ensure a tighter seal.
4.) Seal all exterior wall outlets and light switches with foam or foam covers to keep the cold out.
5.) Keep your thermostat set at one setting whenever possible, this keeps all of the room contents at the same temperature and means less work for your heater.
I hope these tips help keep the green in your pocket when the white is on the ground.
P.S. Remember that October is Fire prevention month, so lets replace those smoke detector batteries!

Highlights from my Summer Internship with Delco Development

Highlights from my Summer Internship with Delco Development
Written by Anna DeMalo, Summer 2016Intern

Mixin’ it Up from Day Uno

When I get asked about a typical day at my internship, I honestly have difficulty explaining it. When I say “no two days are alike”, it truly is not an exaggeration. I work with a different person each day of the week, so thankfully, it is a rare occasion that I spend an entire day sitting in an office behind a computer screen. When there are events going on, you’ll find me behind the scenes working with the banquet team to help run the show at the Aloft Mount Laurel. I could be doing anything from assisting in the bar area during a W XYZ Bar event, to decorating and setting the ballroom in preparation for a social event, or helping to service a corporate meeting with food and beverage.

On Wednesdays, when I am with The Director of Communications, I get the opportunity to learn about the advertisement and social media side of the hotel industry. It’s here where I really get to use my creativity when designing flyers, posters, and videos for events and promotion. I even had the opportunity to speak on a local radio talk show to promote an event which I solicited the food trucks and vendors for!

At the end of the day, interning in the hotel is like having five different jobs packed into one.

The Fresh Air is Outside the Box

I’m a firm believer in the phrase ‘think outside the box’, and at the Aloft Mount Laurel, these are words to live by. The first time I heard The Director of Sales and Catering use this phrase was when we were meeting with a client about planning a menu for their social event. The client wanted it to be fun and not a “typical” sit down dinner menu- well, let me tell you, there was nothing typical about the menu we customized for her. Rather than having traditional salad bar, we created a literal salad BAR featuring salads mixed in martini shakers and served in margarita glasses, with dressings served in shot glasses on the side.

I was nervous that this internship would be a 9-5 office job and I would feel limited to ‘staying in the box’, but the fact is I was hired for this internship because of my creativity skills. I have a passion for art and creating, both are important factors to me in any career path I choose. This internship gives me the freedom to utilize my creativity and lets me exercise my imagination. Anything a client desires or could possibly think of, I get to plan ways to make it happen. It really is exciting!

Planning my very own WXYZ Bar event

One of the first tasks I was assigned to was planning and executing an event to promote The W XYZ Bar. I came up with five ideas and pitched them to The Director of Sales and Catering. Together, we selected Reggae Happy Hour and the rest of the planning was all up to me! It was my job to find a band, plan the menu and drink specials, make the flyer, promote it, and execute it.

Finding the live entertainment was exciting and something I had never done before, but I discovered that it was something I really loved doing. Part of it was simply listening to their music and then finally selecting the one we thought would work best in our venue – work is tough, let me tell you! I really put my business skills to the test when negotiating and weighing the best options for the event.

Moreso, I learned a lot about marketing and advertisement when creating the flyers and promoting for the event. It was awesome to communicate with the band and promote together through social media.

Reggae Night ended up bringing in such high Tuesday night bar sales, that the hotel is repeating the event to close out the summer! They’re even bringing back the same band, Jay D Clark! I was really proud of myself, and thrilled with the turnout.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The sales team for Delco Development’s Aloft Hotel is seriously a female powerhouse. Imagine the scene in the movie Elf when Miles Finch shares his journal of genius ideas and they construct a storyboard under last minute pressure on Christmas Eve. These meetings are like an endless rapid fire of new ideas to boost sales. It was really cool to hear about the sales manager’s successes, as well as challenges, and how they ultimately brainstormed ways to overcome them. I even got to share some of my opinions and ideas to help contribute to the sales effort. I loved the sales aspect of my internship and will definitely use what I learned here in my future business endeavors.


Engagement + Appreciation = Unity

Ollivia Willis - Pennsville GM
Ollivia, Pennsville GM

In keeping with the spirit of the upcoming election; even though there are two parties, our Pennsville Team is always one. The managers’ engagement with the team is the key to our unified success. How do we do this, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

In my office there is a bowl of candy, and yes, I do take special requests. When a team member comes in to grab a snack, this is one great opportunity for me to say “Hi! What’s up? How’s your day? Do you need anything from me?” In the winter months, I change it up and have all flavors of cough drops and tissue’s that are soft.

On my office door I have everyone’s name posted. As they pass by to clock in they are looking for their name to see if anyone new is on board… another chance for me and the managers to engage. The theme on my door changes monthly so there is always a reason to look at it.

If I, or my managers, see an employee looking down (and that usual AM or PM smile is not there) we ask, “Are you ok? Can I help you with anything?” Or take them for a walk.

For Employee Appreciation Day, each manager gets a month and we rotate. Switching who has the lead each month continues the enthusiasm for these parties, almost making them a competition for who throws the best one. The manager planning appreciation day is responsible for the theme, games and food, and distributes flyers throughout both properties. As appreciation day approaches, the management team and I are sure to ask the team members, “Will we see you on Thursday?”

Lastly, remember to thank your team members every day. Personally, I send thank you cards to my team member’s home addresses. Just a simple thank you card with a special note from me and sometimes a few Delco Dollars. I’m excited to see the expression on their faces the day after they get the surprise in the mail and welcome the hugs I receive!

At the end of the day, it’s all about knowing your team. Remember we spend at least 10 hours a day together. Let them know they are not just employee’s… they are family.

For example, your night auditors, if you don’t get to see them, call in! Say, “Hey how are you, do you need anything for me?” and thank them for all they do. Remember they are last line of defense to get to that 100% because; we have empowered them to go for that walk rate!


“EE&P” – 3 Basic Skills to Develop Emerging Leaders on a Team

Joe, Mount Laurel GM

The hotel industry has always been and always will be a “people business” – in both service provided to the guest, as well as, within the organization. The coordination and teamwork of the staff and the quality of service they offer to the guest is vital to a hotel’s success.  Every department in our hotels contributes to the guest experience. From the first smile when the guest walks in the door to the farewells as they check out.

Here are the characteristics that make our team members stand out above the rest:

Empowerment. Having empowered team members is the dream of every leader. All managers want people who show initiative by making decisions and taking on the completion of tasks with little guidance. I see team members stepping up to this challenge each day, following the Delco Development core values, to achieve guest satisfaction. I believe that by giving your team members reasons and opportunities to stretch out on their own, they will find even more purpose and interest in their daily workday. They may stumble, but the team will learn a lot and build respect for their colleagues while exercising the leadership skills needed to become an empowering manager on their own someday.

Empathy. As leaders, if we show empathy to our team members then they will be empathetic towards each other and our guests. Managers should lead by example, treating others as they would like to be treated. If a guest has an issue, the team member must be able to have compassion and understand the feelings they are going through in order to help resolve the issue calmly and effectively.

Positive Energy. After a long day of travel, our guests need our positive energy to welcome them home as part of our family. With that said, we strive to create a sense of family within our hotel departments as well. In doing so, we hope to communicate to the team how much we value each member’s talents and contributions. We believe; if our team members are happy in their day to day work life, this will result in our guest’s being surrounded by happy people in a pleasant and inviting hotel environment. The one thing we always want to ensure is that the guest leaves happy!

Ultimately, the final impression that a guest has of our hotel as he or she walks out the door depends on each team member that they may come in contact with. Working together to make sure each guest is treated as if they were a part of our Delco family will continue to make us the very best hotel properties in each market.


Words of Wisdom from Karen, The Queen of Coins

Karen, Controller

I started out in the hotel business in high school. Twenty years and several industries later, I am grateful to be home. I thought I would take a moment to share some of the things I learned that have stuck with me throughout my career.

The best managers are problem solvers. If you have a problem that comes up more than once, try to figure it out. If you dig deep enough to understand and resolve the underlying problem you may never have to address the same issue again. Putting a temporary Band-Aid on a problem is like being on a tread mill – you can walk all day and then realize you haven’t gone anywhere. When looking into the issue, don’t assume anything. Ask people who work above and below you for their input. Ask your peers at another property if they have the same problem or what they did to solve it. If you think you know of a better way to do something – tell your boss! Your insight might be the missing piece that improves something for everybody.

A book on hospitality by Peter Venison mentions 3 circles of focus that overlap each other – guests, staff, and finances. The staff’s job is to focus on the guests – meeting and exceeding their expectations of quality, security, cleanliness, brand standard, etc. Managers at each level have the bigger job of focusing on all 3 circles to run a property efficiently. Managers need to juggle all 3 circles at different speeds depending on what is going on at the site. I am well aware that every day is different at a hotel. That’s part of the charm! But the property (and the manager) succeed when all 3 circles receive a balanced focus over a period of time.

Yogi Berra said it best – “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.” In the busy season it is easy to get overwhelmed with daily tasks. Set goals in each circle to help keep your team on track now and other goals for the slow season. Choose goals that can be measured and write them down. Employee goals likely involve training or job planning. For instance, you may decide to have 2 people cross trained as room inspectors or night auditors by a given date. Spend a couple moments a day and you will be surprised at what you can accomplish when you look back and measure. If appropriate, share the goals with your team so that everyone can see your vision and contribute to the direction of the team.


The First Annual Delco Awards

On Wednesday April 6th, Delco Development hosted it’s First Annual Team Member Appreciation and Awards Dinner at their Aloft Hotel in Mount Laurel, NJ.

Team members from the corporate office mixed and mingled with team members from all of the development company’s 5 hotel properties.


The cocktail-style atmosphere was friendly with positive energy as everyone was welcomed by Chairman William T. Juliano, Chief Executive Officer Thomas Juliano and Vice President Michelle Banfe as well as their hotel managers. (Delco Appreciation Video for Awards ) This night of celebration continued with butlered hors d’ouvres and a seated dinner followed by a pinning ceremony for years of service marked by 3, 5, 10 and 25 year pins.

Engraved clocks with the message ‘Time flies when you’re having fun” were gifted to those team members who have worked for Delco Development for over 15 years while specialty gifts were awarded to Deborah Dickinson, Executive Assistant to the Chairman, and Sun Yong Davis, Re:fresh Agent at Aloft Mount Laurel for their dedication to the company for over 25 years.

Congratulations were in order for these recipients as well:
(not pictured: Ethel “Celeste” Robinson-Mills, Rookie of the Year)
President Tom Juliano presents Jim Dugan with the Mountain Mover Award
President Tom Juliano presents Jim Dugan with the Mountain Mover Award
Vice President Michelle Banfe presents Ollivia Willis the Manager of the Year Award
Vice President Michelle Banfe presents Ollivia Willis the Manager of the Year Award
Vice President Michelle Banfe presents Karen Ehrgott with the Keystone Award
Vice President Michelle Banfe presents Karen Ehrgott with the Keystone Award
Vice President Michelle Banfe presens Linda Krwawecz with the Top Sales Producer Award
Vice President Michelle Banfe presens Linda Krwawecz with the Top Sales Producer Award