About Us

Meet the Team

Who We Are

With over 50 years of experience, talent, and vision, our portfolio of services and properties has grown rapidly — much like our views of the industry. We see many avenues through which we can build our company and positively impact the regions where our team members live.

Our talent in redevelopment and mixed-use development is showcased in our diverse portfolio of properties; consisting of retail space, hotels, residential communities, office buildings, and billboards.

We are, and always will be, a real estate development, construction, and management company rooted in family core values.

  • Do the Right Thing
  • Create Community
  • Act with Passion
  • Look Forward

At every step of a project, our team stays closely connected to all of the clients we serve: businesses, residents, tenants, institutions,
civic organizations and leaders, and those that travel to our area for business or leisure as a hotel guest.

Delco Development keeps economic development moving forward. Our role, at the heart of it all, is to turn ideas into opportunities.
Molding opportunities into relationships that create plans, projects, and finally tangible, thriving properties.

What We Do

At Delco, we have an all-inclusive approach to development. Our team proudly guides projects from start to finish. From land acquisition to opening day; Delco develops with you.

Whether we are searching for potential development sites or the perfect tenant, we know the importance of valued relationships and tenant hospitality.

  •  Land & Site Acquisition
  •  Development & Construction
  •  Redevelopment/Revitalization
  •  Design & Build
  •  Commercial Property Asset Management
  •  Facilities Operations and Management
  •  Renovations/Refurbishment