“EE&P” – 3 Basic Skills to Develop Emerging Leaders on a Team

Joe Pergine
Joe, Mount Laurel GM

The hotel industry has always been and always will be a “people business” – in both service provided to the guest, as well as, within the organization. The coordination and teamwork of the staff and the quality of service they offer to the guest is vital to a hotel’s success.  Every department in our hotels contributes to the guest experience. From the first smile when the guest walks in the door to the farewells as they check out.

Here are the characteristics that make our team members stand out above the rest:

Empowerment. Having empowered team members is the dream of every leader. All managers want people who show initiative by making decisions and taking on the completion of tasks with little guidance. I see team members stepping up to this challenge each day, following the Delco Development core values, to achieve guest satisfaction. I believe that by giving your team members reasons and opportunities to stretch out on their own, they will find even more purpose and interest in their daily workday. They may stumble, but the team will learn a lot and build respect for their colleagues while exercising the leadership skills needed to become an empowering manager on their own someday.

Empathy. As leaders, if we show empathy to our team members then they will be empathetic towards each other and our guests. Managers should lead by example, treating others as they would like to be treated. If a guest has an issue, the team member must be able to have compassion and understand the feelings they are going through in order to help resolve the issue calmly and effectively.

Positive Energy. After a long day of travel, our guests need our positive energy to welcome them home as part of our family. With that said, we strive to create a sense of family within our hotel departments as well. In doing so, we hope to communicate to the team how much we value each member’s talents and contributions. We believe; if our team members are happy in their day to day work life, this will result in our guest’s being surrounded by happy people in a pleasant and inviting hotel environment. The one thing we always want to ensure is that the guest leaves happy!

Ultimately, the final impression that a guest has of our hotel as he or she walks out the door depends on each team member that they may come in contact with. Working together to make sure each guest is treated as if they were a part of our Delco family will continue to make us the very best hotel properties in each market.