SJ Biz: Visions of a World-Class Region

Visions of a World-Class Region – By Julie Shannon
20 of the area’s top professional minds share their views for the future of the South Jersey region


Change—it’s inevitable.

Healthcare is evolving, technology is constantly improving, getting an affordable education is more important than ever before and the economy has gone in every direction since the recession.

It’s easy to say South Jersey has gone through a transformation in recent years with a tremendous amount of change in every sector, and even more is on the horizon in the coming years. But exactly what changes will we see? Looking to the future and predicting what’s to come can be a daunting task. That’s why we came up with our first Visions of a World-Class Region edition, and we asked 20 industry leaders what they envision for the future in South Jersey, the obstacles the region needs to overcome, the many strides the area has made in the last few years, and ultimately what has to be done to make South Jersey a true World-Class Region.

President, Delco Development
“Delco Development’s vision for the future of South Jersey is to concentrate on areas in need of development or redevelopment. When there is collaboration between government officials and the developer— there’s a sense of pride and achievement once a project is completed. Our company has always been rooted in revitalization and New Jersey, and we feel that South Jersey is experiencing a resurgence that has the potential to attract larger national brand retailers and new residents.”