William Juliano
Founder & Chairman
It's not uncommon to find "Mr. J" out and about and on the look out for new sites and projects.
Mr. J's Bio

An entrepreneur at heart, “Mr. J” has been in business for over 50 years. His internal driver is developing properties that provide communities with great potential  by enriching neighborhoods with jobs created from his various development projects. These visions, turned reality, can be seen all over New Jersey.

Building his kingdom hasn’t been easy. He consistently relies on Delco’s Core Values when embarking or working on a new project:
Do the Right Thing
Show the Love
Never Give Up
Take Action/ Take the Most Effective Role
Over the past 50 years, Delco has seen tremendous growth under “Mr. J’s” leadership. We have built valued relationships with National Brand Retailers and have an incredibly diverse portfolio. Part of this has been accomplished by Mr. J’s ability to take a property and instinctually establish its best use by attracting the right tenants that will thrive as dynamic, income generating, job creating businesses.
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