The Delco Office Deputy

Annette De Rosa
Administrative Assistant
Virtually has no sense of smell!
Annette's Bio

The exceptional work environment at Delco Development, where work-life balance is a priority, gives Annette the gusto to come to work each day. She takes pride in a job well done and is a rockstar in her role as the Administrative Assistant for both Tom and Michelle.

Annette graduated from Drexel University in 1982 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science. She has been awarded the President’s Award from GE (1984) and was published in the RCA Technical Magazine in 1983.

Due to an accident resulting in chronic sinusitis, Annette virtually has no sense of smell! Sometimes she can smell really sweet things, but that’s about it. (Bet you don’t hear that very often!)

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Office Phone 856.234.5151